Make It Valuable

Email lists. Some people have them, some people want them, and some people have no idea why you need them.

Why Build an Email List?

The easiest answer is because you own it.
  • Currently your email list is the only list that no one can take away.
  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN and YouTube are governed by their own rules. When their rules change so does your ability to access your customers.
  • Anyone willing to give you their email address, believes you can help them in some way. Treat these emails like gold or TESLA stock. They are the basis of a lasting relationship YOU create with your customer that are worth their weight in well, gold or innovative leaders that want to make the world a better place.

No List? No Problem.

Even if you don’t have a single person on your email list, you can get started with a few simple rules. Rule #1: Offer something of value in a space where your customers frequent (Facebook, magazines, Instagram). These could be tips to help your potential client, a how-to video, or even a checklist that will offer them some information to solve their problem. Rule #2: Use simple language to tell a transformational story about how your product changed your customer’s life in a positive way. Rule #3: Offer a clear call-to-action at the end of every piece of communication. Offering value is the first step to building trust. Trust makes people feel comfortable subscribing to your email list. This is the start of how you build your list.

Already Have A List?

What is keeping your clients from buying your product or service? It could be as simple as you are not asking, or it could have something to do with how you are asking. A few simple tests will offer you valuable insight into how your list responds to your offers. While there could be multiple areas that keep you from getting the sales you want, it usually boils down to one of three things:
  • an unclear message
  • that doesn’t solve a problem and
  • doesn’t ask the customer to take action.
The important part of building a list is providing value to your customers. Value builds trust. Trust is the most important ingredient in your business. It’s rare that a company can continue to sell products or service without trust – and you must be open to giving value, if you want your customers to keep coming back. At Master Your Message, we take a systemized approach to building a list, or getting your current list to convert to paying customers. You may already be sitting on a potential gold mine!