Make It Easy

Everyone understands simple – and you can’t make it simple enough.  If you can answer these THREE QUESTIONS in the first five seconds of looking at the opening page of your website then you are off to a good start.
  1. What problem do you solve?
  2. How does it make your customer’s life better?
  3. How do I buy what you’re offering?
Five seconds. That’s it. No scrolling either. Could you do it? The best sites make it look effortless. Most of the time business owners are too close to their product or service; they know too much about what they do, and are eager to explain all the bells and whistles they offer. This means their website is filled with too much information that doesn’t answer the three most important questions: What problem do you solve? How does it make your customer’s life better? How does your customer buy your product or service?

What About Pictures?

Pictures are awesome. But not of your dog, or your staff, or of the building where you work. Pictures should tell a story. Not your story, but the story of your customer. Pictures should convey the image of your customer’s life after they have purchased your service or product. Imagery will support the words you put on the page.

How Do I Buy It?

The final piece is how do I buy what you are selling. It’s amazing that the most important piece of making your website simple is often buried on a back page. Are you selling a book? Then put a call-to-action on the opening page that says: BUY BOOK. Selling personal training? BOOK AN APPOINTMENT.  Selling software that does something complicated that can’t be bought immediately? BOOK A DEMO.
Websites used to be static pages of information that allowed your customers to find your phone number, and possibly read about how your Uncle started the business in 1904. But in our over-informed society, we no longer read, we only scan. We  are searching for the relevant information that will solve our problem. If we can’t find it within 5 seconds – we move on. Master Your Message uses a proven “wireframe” design to keep your customers engaged and on your site. We help you make your website design simple – while you solve your customer’s problem.