Storybranding your business Canada

Storybrand guide Canada

There’s a lot of noise in the world. So much noise that even if you have a great idea or product it feels impossible to be heard. StoryBrand is a marketing company that promotes creating a clear business message. And a clear business message equals customers that listen.

How Can a StoryBrand Guide help you?

It offers companies like yours a systemized tool for all of your marketing needs.  StoryBrand uses 7 key marketing principles to help you gain the attention of your customer. We help companies understand those 7 key principles and help them execute the steps that get results.

If you confuse…You’ll lose.

The StoryBrand framework is based around the principle that stories allow complex ideas and thoughts to be boiled down into framework that we can understand. Stories can be described as the  “sense making device” of the human brain.

When you clarify the message of the company or product, it becomes easy for the consumer to understand. We know that most people don’t buy the best products and services, they buy products and services they can understand.

Together with your input, we work to create an easily understandable and relatable narrative about how your customer is part of your company story. It’s  powerful and effective.

As a Canadian StoryBrand guide, we will take you through the framework of the brand and marketing system as it relates to your company.

At Master Your Message, we will help you clarify your company’s message, and create a BrandScript and help you execute an email campaign that gets results. The BrandScript is a tool that you can use for every piece of communication you create. It offers language that will become synonymous with your brand.

Many companies understand why this process is so valuable, but they don’t have time to execute it!That’s where we can help.

We look forward to talking to you about your business! If you have any questions about the StoryBrand Guide process, feel free to contact us as well!

Mark & Heather wrapping up a week of training at the StoryBrand Guide course with Donald Miller.