*more* Profitable Therapist

Are you a therapist struggling to create a consistent message & offer that reaches your ideal client? We work with you to build a more profitable therapy practice.

*more* Profitable Therapist

A 60-day (done-with-you) messaging
& branding blueprint for Therapists,
Psychologists & Psychiatrists.

We know you can keep doing what you’re doing and still be successful but what if you could do it with less stress and more profit?

60-days from now you’ll feel like a different person.

One Focus
One Message
One Offer

Get Results.

Why use Master Your Message to build your therapy practice?

You're a therapist, not a marketing expert.

You know what you want and you’ve tried to do some of it yourself but you’ve gotten mired down by the overwhelming task of figuring out your ideal client, your message and what to put on your website. We make it easy to get results with our systemized process.

You're looking for someone to take you across the finish line.

Maybe you’ve outsourced bits and pieces of your marketing without the results you were hoping for. The foundational work of understanding your goal and how you serve your ideal client is fundamental to success. We use a step-by-step approach for setting a strong foundation for your practice to grow.

You're looking for someone who understands the compliance criteria to market your services.

We are aware that rules and regulations govern your profession and we work with you to ensure your message and offer is compliant with your governing body.

You're tired of making all the decisions and carrying the burden of risk.

You are the most knowledgeable person about your business and your goals but you need help prioritizing the steps to growing your business without the overwhelm. Our collaborative approach keeps you in control while helping you steer clear of potential marketing and business pitfalls.

You've had people write stuff for you before but it's never quite hit the mark.

We’ve heard this too many times. We understand that success in this field is based on your unique value. You don’t want a cookie-cutter solution. We work with you to craft the right message for your ideal client.

You've spent money on marketing in the past that doesn't get results.

Done-for-you traditional agency work is expensive and can start at $10,000 with no guarantee you will get results. Typically our clients realize ROI within 90-days of completing their Blueprint. If you follow the Blueprint, we expect that you will attract five new clients at the completion of the course.

You've spent more money than you care to admit on DIY programs that you haven't completed.

Do-it-yourself programs are cost effective but people rarely finish what they’ve started. You’re smart and motivated but you’re left with little or no support when you get stuck. Our done-with-you program offers our guidance and expertise, keeping you accountable every step of the way. No more unfinished programs or unmet goals.

You will be able to take these lessons and apply them to your business routinely.

Once you learn how to create an offer (or system) that makes your business more profitable, you can launch new offers using the same blueprint. You won’t need to be paying for marketing unless you want to!

We understand that therapists can’t bill for a packaged service but the intent of an offer based solution is to attract the ideal client that you already know you can help within a predictiable time frame.

“We have surpassed our client intake and profit goals! The MYM team always goes above and beyond!”

Nicole McCance | Owner and Clinic Director
Toronto Neurofeedback & Psychotherapy Centre

How does it work?

1. You receive and complete the Starter Brand Kit online.

2. We work together for 60-days to build your message, offer and brand.

3. We refine and finalize your Blueprint and help you launch your offer.

What do you get?


Two-hour Brand Strategy Session with the MYM team

Create Your Offer Session with the MYM team


Videos & worksheets to guide you through each step


Copy Writing and Strategy concept review session

Completed wireframe and copy for your website

60 Days of Accountability & Email Access with our team



A specific goal that defines success for you.


A defined focus for your practice.


A clear message that speaks to your ideal client.


A systemized intake process.


A solution based offer that gets people in the door.


A simple ad formula.


A clear & consistent brand message, voice & style.


A repeatable one-liner or elevator pitch.


A wireframe for your website.


A BrandScript you can use across all platforms.


A colour palette & font style to match your brand.


A simple design tool to make marketing easy.


If we don’t think we can help you, we won’t take your money.
If the program is not what you were hoping for, we will refund your money before the first team meeting.

Stop rethinking
your message
and website.

Do it right,
do it once,
get results.

Stop rethinking
your message
and website.

Do it right,
do it once,
get results.